Mountaintop Camping

It’s easy to forget the simple pleasures we can enjoy. Being stoked from finding an awesome campsite along a trail. Sitting on the dirt to soak in a view. Throwing rocks off the edge of a cliff. Having good company and gathering by a fire. Sleeping in a tent and waking up to the snow. […]

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CIty of Angels

My friend had to shoot pictures in Los Angeles for his photo class so he asked if I wanted to come along. This is the first time I went around with my camera solely to take pictures. Usually I go to a new place and taking pictures is the complementing activity. So this would be […]

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Birthday in Balboa Park

The name Balboa Park often crossed our minds, but Tif and I never really knew what exactly Balboa Park was. After some googling, we found that Balboa Park was home to 15 major museums, gardens, the world’s famous San Diego Zoo, performing art centers, hiking trails, dog parks, and other recreation and attractions. Tif then […]

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