Thoughts on Typhoon Haiyan

It seems like natural disasters are just common occurrences now We constantly hear about it through the media and just accept that they happen We tune it out We move on with our day Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. A lot of the time, the actual physical impacts are not the worst part of natural […]

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Traces of Farmer’s Blood

Traces of Farmer’s Blood             My grandparents on my Mom’s side were born in 1918 and 1919 in Bulacan, a province of the Philippines. My grandfather, Aurelio was adopted and raised by his maternal grandma. He never knew the whereabouts of his father until his late 40’s when he was informed that his father worked […]

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There is nothing like being out of your home country for your first time. I recently visited the Philippines this past summer and there is nothing really to describe the sudden exposure to an entirely new culture. Everyone will tell you before hand how amazed you will be and you can look at all the […]

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