CIty of Angels

My friend had to shoot pictures in Los Angeles for his photo class so he asked if I wanted to come along. This is the first time I went around with my camera solely to take pictures. Usually I go to a new place and taking pictures is the complementing activity. So this would be […]

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Hiking in Kenneth Hahn Park

It’s a very collective feeling when you step into your first of many scenic points in the park. Hiking itself is very soothing. Include the miles of foot trails running along the skirts of the hills that provide panoramic views in every direction of Los Angeles only makes things better. It’s also tucked away from […]

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I stopped by Casa De Luna in Downtown Bellflower to get a coffee while I buried my nose in Three Cups of Tea and then I realized how calm everything was outside. So I put down my book, stepped outside, and went for a stroll.

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