Off the Grid Farm Living in Costa Rica

WWOOFING at Hacienda Luz de Corazon


Days are quiet on the farm.

awake to the sunrise. swing out of the hammock. stretch & outta the yome. light up the kitchen stove. heat up the water. pour over the coffee sock. feed the 6 dogs in order…Woo-Chin-Chee first, then Gordo, Krishna, Buddyyy, and then Eve&Lily. feed the chickens. water the gardens. check the size of that fuckin radish! Take a whiff of the herbs. Have oatmeal and add everything to it. make a word of the day.. que va! get back to work. read. torts for lunch!! digest and read some more. plant seeds. pick citrus. chop wood. ice cold shower. sun is setting. machete and kindling. prep dinner. feed dogs, in order. call for Woo-Chin-Chee & Krishna. journal and read. almost dark. need headlamps to see. fire is warm. we swing in the hammock chairs. smoke in the eyes. switch seats & you steal a seat. dinner is delicious. wash dishes. be thankful for food. off to the yome. see the stars, but watch for toads. buenos noches and dulces sueños

Kodak Ektar 100 film



light leak


Kodak Ektar 100 film


Kodak PORTRA 400 film


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