Cultural Exchange with Ngobe High School Students

The internship I’m participating in this summer consists of twenty students who are all from various backgrounds. Many of us come from Native American tribes or from the Pacific Islands. Earlier this week, we visited a high school in the Ngobe village, one of the indigenous tribes of Costa Rica. We had the opportunity to share our different cultures with the high school students and they also asked us to share some advice and guidance to motivate them to reach their future goals. I said a few words and told them that as Pacific Islanders and Native Americans, we are all minorities. Us students all applied for this internship program because it gives an opportunity to us minorities to gain experience and have a chance to be more successful in life. And on this internship, we’ve gained so much more insight and perspective by exposing ourselves to all these different cultures. Each one of us provides something new to the table with our unique background. So when all the high school kids go to college and set new goals, they too will always bring something special to the table. They all hold promise because they’ll always provide a new perspective to others.






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