Visit to the Boruca Indigenous Group of Costa Rica

We took a visit to a village of the Boruca Indigenous group of Costa Rica to observe their cultural traditions and unique craftsmanship. Much of their artistry revolves around their woodworking skills in which they carve masks that symbolize devil spirits. These deviled masks represent their ancestors who protected their villages from invaders.
The Boruca people also pick wild cotton to hand weave bags and other designs. They demonstrated to us how they used a variety of different plants to extract and create natural dyes that to add life to the colored textiles.
I admire the way of life of the Boruca people. They don’t require a lot to be happy. Happiness comes from living a full and exciting life. These people are rich in culture and they defy what it means to be poor. I realized that our own culture in the states are poor. Because the definition of poor is to have less, but our culture in the states is always poor. We’re always asking for more, never satisfied with what we have, always seeking a raise, always wanting new materialistic things. Our lives are never fulfilled because we always ask for more. I admire the Boruca people for living rich lives.














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