Mushroom Hunting for Class

In my Ecology class, my group is doing our “scientific paper” on looking at the abundance of mushrooms. We’re using simple data analysis to compare the amount of mushrooms in line transects at different distances from the footpaths.
Since this is an undergraduate ecology class, the most important part of this paper is our experimental design, the data we collect, and the statistics we use for analysis, so the ecological study won’t be very significant.
We did 4 hours of sampling in the Redwood State Park and with all the forests around here in Humboldt, I’m stoked to go out and sample some more!

IMG_1219 IMG_1237 IMG_1239 IMG_1257 IMG_1258 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1269 IMG_1275 IMG_1278 IMG_1284 IMG_1290 IMG_1295 IMG_1307 IMG_1331 IMG_1333


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