CIty of Angels

My friend had to shoot pictures in Los Angeles for his photo class so he asked if I wanted to come along. This is the first time I went around with my camera solely to take pictures. Usually I go to a new place and taking pictures is the complementing activity. So this would be my first actual shoot. =]

For the project we went to Venice Beach, Downtown LA, and the Los Angeles River. I’ve been to Venice and Downtown before, but it’s different coming to these familiar places with a camera. I’m not a photographer, but it’s amazing how appreciative you become when you look at your daily routine behind the lens of a camera. While I held my camera, my perspective on things lifted and I suddenly paid attention to detail on everything. There’s beauty everywhere and holding the camera, it’s up to me to find it and portray it through the lens. I can imagine how photographers have a keen eye on their daily lives. They’re easily able to bring out the best features out of something that most people would take no notice of.

yes. beauty

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