Birthday in Balboa Park

The name Balboa Park often crossed our minds, but Tif and I never really knew what exactly Balboa Park was. After some googling, we found that Balboa Park was home to 15 major museums, gardens, the world’s famous San Diego Zoo, performing art centers, hiking trails, dog parks, and other recreation and attractions. Tif then came up with the idea to take me to Balboa Park in San Diego for my birthday. She booked our hotel and we were set.

When we arrived at the park, the first thing we noticed was how big it was. While driving around and finding parking, we couldn’t see where the park started and where it ended. We got to San Diego around 10a and stayed in Balboa til about 5p which was when all the museums started closing up. It was also when we were about to collapse due to our out of shape legs. In the time we were there we managed to go to the Museum of Photographic Arts, the Timken Museum of Art, the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Automotive Museum, and the Botanical Building.

It’s always amazing in the difference of air quality when walking into a green house. Once we walked into the Botanical Building, one whiff up our noses and we could instantly feel the crisp freshness provided in the building. I never really did appreciate plants so much until they’re all bunched together like they were. Then I can feel the benefits that they provide. So Tif and I gave the plants all the attention they could ask for. We slowly paced ourselves in the pathways in the garden giving each little plant our undivided attention. We would get eye level with the plants, read the descriptions, take a whiff, let out a breath of satisfaction, and move on to the next plant. We were all smiles.

One of our favorite parts was walking through the museum of Photographic arts. Inside they included an entire room filled with photography projects that were done by children. Many of the projects and layouts they did were very simple, but the photographs were very creative and unique. So many of them did an amazing job. They did so well that Tif gave them some positive feedback. Along the photos were phone numbers which you can text to leave comments for the children photographers. Tif was so excited to text one of them. Haha. Hopefully the kid was just as happy.

One day is not nearly enough time to see everything in Balboa Park. I don’t even think a week would be sufficient to cover all the grounds and soak it all in. So I would definitely make another visit there. If you decide to go, I suggest you can make plans for after, when all the museums close. You can maybe go on a night hike or have a picnic. Just be prepared! Hopefully Tif and I make another visit soon!

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